If you have a tree that needs to be cut, trimmed, or maintained, you need to hire a tree surgeon or arborist to handle the job. However, you have to be very picky when hiring these professionals. You surely want to be served by the best men so you’ll get the most efficient and stress-free service.  

To assure yourself of that, here are some questions that you can ask the service provider that you’re going to hire. Their answer to the questions below will help you decide whether or not they’re the best people for the job.  

1. Is your insurance updated? 

It’s a known fact that most types of tree services are hazardous. As the land owner, you are legally responsible for all the work done on your property. You have to make sure that everything is carried out safely. You are liable to the accidents caused to yourself, your neighbors, the passers-by, and even the service providers themselves. If the company you hired has updated insurance, then you don’t have to worry about all of these because everything should be covered.  

2. What are the qualifications and credentials of your men? 

There are different types of tree experts and you have to know which one is sent to your home. Groundsmen, tree surgeons, and arborists have different training and hold certain certifications. You want to hire the people who are fit to handle the job. Groundsmen can do most jobs from the ground. Tree surgeons are the ones who can climb up trees while arborists are the professionals who are best people to provide preventive maintenance care for trees.  

3. Do you have references? 

References are crucial, especially if they come from trusted businesses, large companies, or individuals whom you know. Sometimes, you can’t rely on published reviews alone. You want to talk to the actual people that have previously hired the tree service providers and hear about their experiences when working with them.  

4. How much will the project cost? 

The tree service providers that you’ll hire should give you a free, no obligation quote of the project. This gives you a good idea as to how much the project would cost so you can prepare the necessary budget for it. It’s also best that you compare the quote provided by different companies. 

5. How long will the project take? 

It shouldn’t take too long to cut down a tree but you have to be well informed about it so you can prepare accordingly. You are highly advised to supervise the job so you can be assured that the working men are handling everything safely. Remember that you may be liable for any accidents so you don’t want any of those to happen.  

These are just some of the questions that you have to ask whenever you need to hire tree service providers. If you want a good suggestion as to which company to hire in the Aberdeen area, visit Tree Surgeon Aberdeen. Their tree expert should be able to help you today.